our host
about shortcuts
Monday, December 21 at 12:58 PM:
Linda Dennis from KTEH/San Jose Public TV wrote:
"KTEH is thinking of airing "Short Cuts" and we'd like to be able to promote any "local" ((California)) filmmakers if there are any included in the "Short Cuts" mass. Can you send me filmmaker bios? To: KTEH/San Jose Public Television, 1585 Schallenberger Rd., San Jose, CA 95131. Attn: Linda Dennis Thanks for your help. Linda Dennis Associate Producer "

Tuesday, December 15 at 09:33 PM:
David Jacobs from episode 5 wrote:
"what is the name of the band at the end of this episode ruashmuck@aol.com"

Tuesday, December 15 at 09:31 PM:
David Jacobs from episode 5 wrote:
"I wanted to know what is the name of the band at the end of this episods was?"

Friday, December 4 at 08:25 AM:
Stella Vognar from stels@worldnet.att.net wrote:
"I thought the film "Eddie" was fascinating. As an art instructor at the Community College I would like to show this film to my students. Are copies available to schools? Also I am very interested in seeing the Croatian writer's film. Please let me know when it will be airing on KOCE in Huntington Beach. Hope to see many more episodes."

Wednesday, December 2 at 11:49 AM:
Owen Swerkstrom from owen.j.swerkstrom@uwrf.edu wrote:
"I caught the show only once (that's all the local station broadcast) and enjoyed the heck out of it. As someone who produces short media bits (video mostly, a college guy can't afford film!) it's inspiring to know that there are places one can go with such things. It's really a pity that either there aren't more public TV stations or commercial networks don't buy any of the good stuff. Keep it up, I'm keeping my eye on the show times."

Tuesday, November 24 at 06:51 PM:
Kimberley Browning from HOLLYWOOD SHORTS wrote:
"Dear Larry - hope you are well... send me a note when you get a minute! Kimberley B. HOLLYWOOD SHORTS GOES ONLINE!! Griffith Place Films press release November 20, 1998 Los Angeles, CA HOLLYWOOD SHORTS LAUNCHES ONLINE FILMFEST HOLLYWOOD SHORTS, in partnership with L.A. Live, launches an online version of their monthly shorts screenings on Monday, November 16th. The site highlights selected directors/writers/producers and their respective film, video and animation shorts that were featured at the monthly live festival in Los Angeles. Created by the production department of Griffith Place Films, HOLLYWOOD SHORTS was developed as a resource for Los Angeles based industry insiders, producers, agents, acquisition execs and development representatives constantly on the search for new talent an"

Tuesday, November 24 at 04:27 PM:
Bokai13@yahoo.com from Kentucky wrote:
" My friends and I throughly enjoy shortcuts and such programming, but recently, our station has stopped showing it. My forementioned friends and I are in high school, and short films are a great way to hold our attention.... You would be surprised at how many of my generation would, and do, find this kind of intelligent enertainment enjoyable and enlightening. We are so not so uncaring and deadbeat as we are often made out to be. "

Monday, November 23 at 09:23 PM:
Joshua Wright from Minneapolis MN wrote:
"Great show, I just happened upon it one night and was pleasantly surprised. How may indie filmmakers, such as myself, submit work for the program? Thanks, Josh Wright itsjosh@mninter.net"

Sunday, November 22 at 02:24 PM:
Uncle Larry Pancakes are ready! from Uncle Larry Pancakes are ready! wrote:
"You know. I still haven't seen your show! There is no word about Chicago on your site, either. Let me know when it can be picked up in Chicago/ Northern Illinois. You advertise the Clermont Ferrand short film festival, you know, I have actually been to Clermont Ferrand? It is also the birthplace of Blaise Pascal. (famous scientist). Best Regards, Your pal Johnny "Chocolate Chip" Pancakes"

Wednesday, November 18 at 10:19 PM:

Monday, November 16 at 08:50 PM:
Rafael Brom from Sugar Land wrote:
"Please add This website: http://www.marianland.com/Paddy.html"

Monday, November 16 at 05:43 PM:
Charles Grachanin from Diary Of A Fat Kid! wrote:
"Hi Guys: I have a great idea for a short story one that is true and I am the perso n that it is about. I have been a guest on Donahue,Geraldo,Morton Downey And Larry King. My ordeal has gone UPI,Associated Wire and Globe. Paul Harvey talked about me also. I still hold the school record for the slowest 100 yard dash ever ran.I also broke more bikes,furniture,and toys then I care too remember. This is a very timely topic being that there are fifty million overweight American children&adults at last count. 1 724 6678278 Yours Truly Chuck Grachanin aka Chubby!"

Monday, November 16 at 10:46 AM:

Thursday, November 12 at 01:01 PM:
Mike Saunders from ripefilms wrote:
"I haven't been able to determine whether or not your program airs locally in Orange County. As an independent filmmaker I am very interested in shorts and new filmmakers. Please forward any information about my area. Also, if you have any idea where I can locate short films on video in order to watch and study, please advise. Mike Saunders e-mail: ripefilms@aol.com "

Monday, November 9 at 03:56 PM:
Steve from Columbus, Indiana wrote:
"My wife and I love your show and look forward to seeing it on Saturday evenings while settling in with a glass of wine. We were disappointed to hear that last Saturday's show would probably be the last. We hope not."

Sunday, November 8 at 09:33 PM:
Caleb Porter from Yucaipa CA wrote:
"I have had the fortune of seeing the show 3 times and I love it. I plan on working in the movies and it is a real inspiration to see all the creativity the filmmakers have."

Sunday, November 8 at 08:15 PM:
Lenny Warhol from Westm Ca wrote:
"Larry russo, IF short cuts is free, then why is it not shown on PBS!? I wasnt being rude, when I said what I said, but really now! mary, I support shortcuts. and I see no logic, in pbs's thinking. THEY re-peat the same crap, druing pledge drive the same crap comes up! tired hermatage, tired 3 fat itallians. OLD blue eyes and liza! P.U. THEY could show shortcuts! instead and encourage involvement, in this industry! so I take your comments, as information, IF pbs gets shortcuts for "free" then I only se it on KLCS! ch 58, on fri at 11-12pm and no other time. so IF pbs HAS got it,where is it at?! cause I do check PBS times and I havent seen it listed. it may be on back east on pbs, but out here on the west coast, well,........ BUt I still support shortcuts! and would like to see more of it! cause 15 minutes of fame , just isnt enough! L.---- Larry, russo. Thanks anyway. perhaps yet, PBS will come around. to the Shortcut side yet. and see that the program IS worth viewing! HEY PBS, if you dont do it who will?!"

Sunday, November 8 at 07:58 PM:
Lenny Warhol from Westminister Ca wrote:
"I love short cuts, I see it on KLSC class TV on ch 58 at 11pm, I am noticing old episodes, any way to get NEW ones sent to KLCS!? and what about the "first shows" can that be shown?! I called up KOCE and KCET and told them about you guys. SO far no comment! I guess 3 fat itallians and some tired old russian museum are more important than ART! and film! OH the carnage! KEEP up the film!"

Sunday, November 8 at 02:10 PM:
Echeevers@aol.com from Washington, DC wrote:
"I have an award-winning short film that's been shown throughout the country. How does one submit films for consideration? Eric C."

Saturday, November 7 at 09:06 PM:
Joe Cassara (talk@writeme.com) from Orlando, FL wrote:
"Thank you for introducing me to the fascinating world of independent films! If only there were more programs like yours. Heck, PBS would be worth watching! "

Saturday, November 7 at 11:13 AM:
Steve Gonzalez from Venice, CA wrote:
"I think that Shortcuts is a great show. It gives aspiring new film makers an opportunity to showcase there short films as well as giving the public an opportunity to view these films."

Tuesday, November 3 at 02:14 PM:
Frederick Rendina from Talking Drum Pictures wrote:
"I haven't seen the show yet--I don't think it's on in New York City, which it should be. However, I have a short film that I'd like to submit (it has won some awards at festivals) called UTOPIA. How do I contact you? I'm at inax2@aol.com. Thanks!"

Friday, October 30 at 02:52 PM:
Larry Russo from VisionInc@aol.com in NYC wrote:
"Regarding submissions of new films I just wanted to let it be known that unfortunately, until we get further funding, we've got all the films we can handle right now and won't be able to look any any new ones for at least 4-5 months. In the meantime, thank you all for your kind words. Also, To Lenny Warhol, you should know that "shortcuts" IS free to all PBS stations as it's available through the American Program Services' free distribution network (the show is supported by the sponsors -like Kodak & Filmmaker). KOCE should have no obstacles to getting the show. For all I know, they may have already broadcasted it (and, if they have- thanks.). Best wishes to all & thanks again for your wonderful support- Larry Russo Producer of ShortCuts"

Friday, October 30 at 01:58 PM:
Lenny Warhol from Westm. Ca wrote:
"After hearing about Issac Mizrahis. departure from haute coture, and shortcuts not getting "ANY" at this time, I am not pleased. and to think KOCE will "only show shortcuts if it's free"?! I guess they have to save the big bucks to RE-PEAT incessantly the 3 FAT italians every damn pledge drive! INstead of showing a program WITH. class! WE are NOT amused! I support U!"

Friday, October 30 at 11:41 AM:
Olivier KLEIN from Paris, France wrote:
"I produced and directed a 20 mn short thriller from a short novel of Jack London - dialogues and cast are both American -. THE DEEP had quite a great carreer since it was finished, few months ago. How might it get into your selection bin? Can I send you a VHS pal copy? Contact us at: RoChDaLe +331 4281 2232 or klein.cyb@vdp.fr"

Saturday, October 24 at 06:15 PM:
rossana jeran from gothic productions wrote:
"forgot to leave my email and url www.netlingo.com/gothic gothic1465@aol.com"

Saturday, October 24 at 06:13 PM:
rossana jeran from gothic productionsq wrote:
"i just happened to stumble onto your show. i was mesmerized! and want to submit my own work. how can i find out about that? i live in the SF bay area thanks for bringing such refreshing programming into our homes."

Saturday, October 24 at 12:25 PM:
Elder from Los Altos High School wrote:
"I Tottaly LOVED your show! As an amateur filmaker I really enjoyed watching some short movies that I would not have the oportunity to see otherwise. You guys are doing a terrific job, I hope to see more of you in the future!"

Wednesday, October 21 at 09:25 PM:
lenny warhol from westminister ca wrote:
"I found the show by chance and are a regular viewer! but we want new episodes please! and MORE films shown! I am hooked on this stuff! and I now want to branch out to film. I am a graphic artist a"Dr Who, of design" I love the show, why cant it be on for a hour!? and on kcet or koce?! PLEASE keep this show on the air! I love it! send info to my e-mail abflab@aol.com! PLEASE! thank you. L."

Tuesday, October 20 at 05:24 PM:
Tom Cook from Warrenton wrote:
"Hello I just saw the last episode. It was great. I would like to see more of these shows. When are they going to reapear. tomcook@erols.com"

Saturday, October 17 at 06:59 PM:
Peter Daniels from phdaniel@mailbox.syr.edu wrote:
"The random and bizarre is always entertaining to me. Try to get a better time slot. Saturday nights are rough for getting viewers. Nice upbeat hosts-- that's a good thing. Not bogged down with intellectual spewings. Try to keep making programs if you can. I know it's tough. "

Saturday, October 17 at 02:45 PM:
Joshua Sawicki from Phoenix, Arizona wrote:
"Unfortunately, I found out about "shortcuts" during the last two episodes, running at midnight and 12:30am here in Phoenix, but I was sucked in during the first 30 seconds, and after watching it, it became one of my favorite programs. I am grateful for such programming, especially when I dont have access to "Bravo", "The Sundance Channel", or "The Independant Film Channel". It is a fresh breath of air to see great creativity to inspire and learn from."

Friday, October 16 at 02:29 PM:
Tracy Pounders from Cedar Hill (Dallas), Texas wrote:
"Great show. Glad you're creating a means of showing good independent shorts. I must admit, though, I like the shorts better than the interviews. Keep up the good work. TAP "

Saturday, October 10 at 12:55 PM:
Marjorie from Washington, D.C. wrote:
"I love your show and hope that you continue to run it. It is a wonderful change in comparison to other t.v. programming. You need to air it more frequently so that other psople who may not be aware of it can view it. "

Saturday, October 10 at 12:32 AM:
Olivia V. Escalier from MMM Management wrote:
"The short film about "Eddie" was a master-piece that touched on the human spirit. It was very interesting, powerful! I hope to see more of "Shortcuts" in the near future. Please keep me up to date. I am an aspiring film maker and am working on my first documentary/film."

Wednesday, October 7 at 02:02 PM:
tony gault from tgault@du.edu wrote:
"haven't had a chance to catch your show here in denver yet. do you know when it's scheduled to appear here? i have a couple of films that have done well at festivals. is there a way to submit to you? thanks and good luck...."

Saturday, October 3 at 04:53 PM:
SUNNY from LA, CA. wrote:

Saturday, October 3 at 12:44 AM:
Noel Johnson from LA area wrote:
"I just watched your show for the first time this evening and I am so excited that I have a chance each week to watch independent films! Next summer I will start making my own films through a New York Film Academy workshop at UCLA, and it's great to see some cool examples. I also studied in France for a semester and attended an international independent film festival that was really cool. I also want to mention that your hosts are great - so many hosts nowadays are cheesy and they try too hard, but these guys are funny, relaxed, and real. Anyway, thanks for this great show!"

Thursday, October 1 at 08:02 PM:
Brian Tanke from Portland Oregon wrote:
"Just curious, we have an award winning short from last years' festival circuit, how might we get into your selection bin? (This assuming you get more shows and/or you're not already full up). You can reach us at (818) 559-7644 or (800) 219-4934 or by email at btanke@earthlink.net. The show is called "Quarry." Good luck with the show! Can't wait to see it!"

Wednesday, September 30 at 01:04 AM:
Robert from Berkeley, CA wrote:
"After the shows, there is an announcement that episodes can be purchased from www.zumadvd.com. However, there is no such site. I did find www.zumadigital.com, but there is no mention of the shows. I called Video Finders but they don't offer your shows on tape, either. So......where can I get tapes?? Thanks! bob@cowart.com"

Friday, September 25 at 10:18 PM:
Gregg Lukomski, greggl@earthlink.net from Los Angeles, CA wrote:
"Here's hoping for many more episodes! Nice to see the short film taken seriously in a public forum instead of filler on the 'indy' cable channels :) "

Friday, September 25 at 12:02 AM:
Debt from Jerry Kraft wrote:
"Caught the show for the first time tonight, and thought it was great fun. This Portugeuse black comedy piece was very good. As a playwright, I'm always interested in the new talent on the scene, and this is an invaluable way to stay in touch. Keep up the good work, and bring us more independent film-making."

Tuesday, September 22 at 06:08 AM:
L. Craig Schoonmaker from NYC wrote:
"IS IT too much to expect to see where your show originates geographically? I know that nowadays some people pretend that cyberspace is address enuf, but it is not address enuf for real people in real space. Viewers would also like more space in which to express themselves than the narrow (literally) confines of a feedback form, so you should incorporate a mailto in your homepage, as well as phone/fax number(s). Within the narrow confines of this feedback form, I will say only that I found "Eddie?" interesting. Cordially, L. Craig Schoonmaker, Chairman, Expansionist Party of the United States, NYC (homepage at http://members.aol.com/XPUS)"

Wednesday, September 16 at 09:33 PM:
Al Lindauer from The English Department Office wrote:
"Damn, Damn, Damn....Is this show good. I haven't enjoyed anything as much as this since I fired the whole staff of the High School Newspaper in 1981! Can't imagine it's being produced by Larry Russo; I never saw him do much of anything before. I'm sure he was inspired by the film making class I taught. He still owes me money for all the film he stole, I guess I'll never get it now.... "

Wednesday, September 16 at 09:24 PM:
Joel M Lugo from Long Beach High School wrote:
"Anything Larry Russo touches is gold; as producer, director or actor. People still speak of his performance in Heaven Can Wait and of his directing work in that elevator movie he did at NYU. Someday he will be mentioned with the greats: Wells, Huston, Capra and those Golum-Globus guys who did those crappy Stallone films."

Sunday, September 13 at 07:56 PM:
Price from Studio City wrote:
" Looking for a film called 2onU a low budge indie. They say their web site is www.pitch-prods.com. Have you heard of or seen the film? I've heard good things about it?"

Sunday, September 13 at 10:43 AM:
Frank from Syracuse, NY wrote:
"I saw Episode 3 yesterday night. Part of '13 Figures of Sarah' and the whole piece of 'The Waiting'. I particularly enjoy the interview with the director of 'The Waiting', Rebecca. Good program. Thanks. "

Saturday, September 12 at 06:46 PM:
Mark Simon from simboy@earthlink.net wrote:
"I watched channel 58 last night and caught your 2nd episode (The Debt and 6.9). It was great. Very cool to have even a smattering of small films on public tv. Thank you for showing them. Both the hosts were fun. Only wish you guys could run the program longer -- say 24 hours a day from Fri night to Sunday afternoon or something. That would be mucho better. Tres fabu. By the by, I did a 1/2 hour video that was shown on Century and Marcus Cable TV in LA and wondered if you have access to or might be running a show in the future where I might play it. Looking forward to hearing from you. Again, thanks for the Short Cuts show. Mark Simon Writer and Director of "The Elevator""

Wednesday, September 9 at 07:57 AM:
Matt Rice from yucaipa, CA wrote:
"I really enjoy Short Cuts. The hosts are entertaining. And I'd like to say that I recently watched Niagra Niagra and it kicked ass. Hope there are more episodes."

Tuesday, September 8 at 01:33 AM:
Buck Bradberry from San Francisco wrote:
"Until I caught ShortCuts on KQED just now, I'd forgotten just how much I had loved the short films that I had seen back in the days when my ex-wife and I used to go to film festivals regularly. Now I'm renewing an old committment to get back to seeing the indies that used to give so much meaning to my life. All I can say is... thanks. Buck buckyboy@jps.net "

Monday, September 7 at 08:13 PM:
Kimberley Browning from Hollywood Shorts, Executive Director wrote:
"As the Director for Hollywood Shorts, I applaude and encourage the long overdue programming of Short Cuts. Please feel free to contact our program if we can be of any support or assistance to assuring the continued production of this essential programming avenue for short form films. I look forward to promoting this season's fall schedule at our monthly screenings. Please forward to us any literature or fundraising materials that may help in raising awareness for this program. We wish you much success, Regards, Kimberley Browning Executive Director HOLLYWOOD SHORTS Film Series grifplace@aol.com (310) 358-7634 "

Sunday, September 6 at 09:51 AM:
Frank from fboyd98@hotmail.com wrote:
"Cudo's to the show and both Bob and Melinda. Have especially liked "Double Jeu" by Emmanuel Oberg. Clever ideas well executed under harsh deadlines make the film even more memorable. When you like a show, even a total entity vignette, like Oberg's Opus, it is gratifying to have a show about the show. Hey, that's show business. I also liked Bruno De Almeida's "The Debt", a lot. Nice to see Kristin Johnson prior to 3rd Rock. Keep up the good work. I'll be watching the reruns (worth seeing over and over) until you get a budget for new shows. Sincerely, Frank"

Thursday, September 3 at 09:22 PM:
John Johnson from New York City wrote:
""So where can I submit my film? This is a really exciting and innovative opportunity for young, emerging film makers. You've given us all inspiration because you've given us a forum to be heard.""

Thursday, September 3 at 09:19 PM:
Joe Bratter from California wrote:
""Wow...how refreshing...something really decent and original on TV! Loved the choice of films and the hosts were really funny, so is that sexy Melinda available or what?" "

Thursday, September 3 at 12:03 AM:
m. judge from california wrote:
"good show, assface."

Thursday, August 27 at 10:07 PM:
Larry Russo from New York wrote:
"Just a little reminder that if you'd like me to send any info out to you- an E-mail address would sure help. Thanks."

Thursday, August 27 at 01:39 PM:
Ramin Bahrani from Winston-Salem, NC wrote:
"can you let me know how one enters their film for future consideration?"

Tuesday, August 25 at 04:46 PM:
Robert Strauss from San Francisco wrote:
"Please e-mail information about how one submits a short to your program for consideration. Thanks."

Tuesday, August 25 at 08:56 AM:
"I can't see your programme in France but I would be very interested in getting a tape or a copy of the programme if possible. Thank you e mail : byzance@club-internet.fr"

Sunday, August 23 at 11:24 PM:
Sunshine from Marin, CA wrote:
"I loved the show! I think it's important and very gallant that you offer a venue for independent film artists. I'd like to see more of it. I /really/ hope this isn't the last episode! Keep it up =)"

Sunday, August 16 at 10:19 PM:
Robert Cowart from Berkeley, CA wrote:
"This series is innovative and welcome. I have enjoyed it immensely. I encourage you (and funders) to continue it. The independent film makers need outlets like this so that the public can see what is going on outside of Hollywood and the big-budget mainstream film industry. I am not in the industry, but certainly enjoy seeing lower-budget creativity in the film medium. Keep up the good work. "

Sunday, August 16 at 04:16 PM:
Ilknur Kutkan from Covina CA wrote:
"I enjoyed watching Short Cuts. I'd like to see more episodes. Thanks"

Saturday, August 15 at 01:01 PM:
Emmanuel Rustia from Chino Hills, CA wrote:
"I really enjoyed shortcuts. There aren't many shows which feature short independent films and being a fan I can see what's playing out at the festivals these days. Your hosts are very funny and provide nice little set-ups and descriptions of the films. Being a film student I enjoy the interviews you have with the directors who explain why they did the film and give helpful advice to people like me. You have a great show and I hope you continue with more. "

Saturday, August 15 at 12:49 PM:
Craig Barton near San Francisco, CA wrote:
" Wonderful show! I hope you can continue to present this incredibly creative show! Loved "Double Jeu" and "The 13 Figures of Sarah" in particular! I watch it on KCSM, broadcast from San Mateo. Is there any way I can purchase copies of the films that you show?"

Tuesday, August 11 at 03:09 PM:
Rick Roberts from dallas wrote:
" Keep it up. My wife and I started watching FaceOff with John Travolta but turned it off in disgust. We ended up watching the shorts (8/8/98 channel 2) and they were much better than FaceOff."

Sunday, August 9 at 11:20 PM:
Scott Popofsky from Malibu, California wrote:
"So? What's the story? Is "shortcuts" going to continue or not? -I hope it will."

Saturday, July 18 at 05:32 PM:
Larry Clever from Bakersfield, CA wrote:
" Six Point Nine is a wonderful peice. As an actor, I have had the previledge of knowing Ana Maria Hollenbaugh, who is just a marvelous person and actor. Can you post more pictures from the film? Thank you. Larry Clever "

Saturday, July 11 at 12:04 PM:
Marcel P. from bell gardens wrote:
" Great program! Do not make this program go into the abyss. Should remain very entertaining and smart!"

Friday, July 10 at 11:38 PM:
Lei Wulong from Los Angeles wrote:
"I think the show is great! I liked "Six Point Nine" because of its great humor."

Monday, June 22 at 01:58 PM:
Tomaz HipÛlito Raposo from Portugal - Lisbon wrote:
" I would like you , if it is possible, send me a list of all international films festivals around the world. thank you, Best "filming" regards T."

Sunday, June 21 at 09:05 PM:
Nancy Swaim from los angeles wrote:
" it às so important for the film community to support the emergence of shorts as a viable commercial entity. people do enjoy shorts and acceept them as challenging intheir own way as making a successful lonfg form film. thank you for being a valuable part of this support. Do you do distribution? do you make your selections exclusively from festivals, or do you accept submissions as well?"

Tuesday, June 16 at 02:59 PM:
Lisanne Falk from Long Beach, NY wrote:
"Didn't I go to high school with you? "

Friday, May 29 at 02:12 AM:
Toby Wallwork from Costa Mesa, CA wrote:
" I have watched a couple of episodes of the show on Channel 58. As a filmmaker myself I would like to see more episodes produced;and find out how I could submit some examples of my work "

Friday, May 22 at 03:51 PM:
Dave from in my house wrote:
" i loved the movie about the guy who always waves hello to everyone. It was great. Im me at: sk8man420 on AOL. Thanx "

Thursday, May 21 at 12:13 PM:
from wrote:
" "

Thursday, May 14 at 10:05 PM:
Ken Loochkartt from Long Beach, CA wrote:
"Wow! This show is a breath of fresh air. I truly enjoy watching all of the episodes on KLCS. Please keep the new episodes coming. "

Sunday, May 10 at 09:19 PM:
Michael Raco-Rands from Lakewood, CA wrote:
"Please bring back Shortcuts. TV is a much better place with it."

Saturday, April 25 at 11:00 AM:
Glenn Amonitti from Manhattan, New York wrote:
"Please bring back short cuts! Please!!!"

Saturday, April 25 at 09:41 AM:
Cliff Heyward from East 5th Street, NYC wrote:
"Loved the documentary Eddie, Loved the program "Shortcuts", short films need more representation, good luck and all that .... Hosts are pretty funny also"

Wednesday, April 22 at 07:05 PM:
Martha Mildrewoockie from La Jolla, CA wrote:
"Short Cuts is very innovative and a good show. The hosts are funky and the show is too. Congratulations to KLCS for having the series on its channel. The films are clever and unique. It's a breath of fresh air. I hope you get additional funding for more shows, or let's see the repeats."

Wednesday, April 22 at 02:25 PM:
Louisa Jacinto from Huntington Beach, CA wrote:
"I like the hosts. They keep things flowing and Bob keeps me laughing! Without them the show would be too dry and stale like burnt toast."

Tuesday, April 21 at 08:38 AM:
John Q. from LA wrote:
"The hosts suck. Who told them they were funny? Do you guys want to be a comedy show or a film show? Even if they were funny it would be annoying to have so much time with them. These people are idiots and offensive."

Monday, April 20 at 08:31 AM:
Nolan E. Walker from 93-40 213th Street Queens Village N.Y. wrote:
"Ihave been enjoying your show for the past few weeks. As an aspiring independent filmmaker I enjoy seeing other works from creative artists. Keep up the good work. I hope to see a film short by me on there one day. Please continue the program."

Thursday, April 16 at 11:24 AM:
Darryl from New York CIty (east village) wrote:
"THese "hosts" suck...dump the boring intros and show more films...as it is, the show looks like an ego fest for the producers and hosts rather than as a showcase for fine short cinema."

Wednesday, April 15 at 06:50 PM:
MM from Upper West wrote:
"The show is innovative, fresh, and inspring. I hope you get what you need to keep it going."

Wednesday, April 15 at 02:45 PM:
Anthony Baldini from Brooklyn, New York wrote:
"I love the show!!!"

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