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about shortcuts
Wednesday, December 29 at 10:19 AM:
jorge garcia from huntington beach, ca wrote:
"love the show. I find myself staying up to 2:00 am, still wanting to see more films. The show has inspired me to put my own short stories to 16mm "

Tuesday, December 21 at 03:08 PM:
Joel & Maxwell Lugo from Phoenix, AZ wrote:
"You're back!!!! Glad to see the site up and updated; and thrilled to see that the program will be on a television near me again!! I know a lot of money goes into producing the show but, gosh, you couldn't save some cash so the new host could get a full last name. Oh well, maybe next year. Good luck."

Sunday, November 28 at 01:40 AM:
John Parris from Thousand Oaks, CA wrote:
"This is a must see program for me. I watch a total of only 5 programs a week so Shortcuts represents 20% of my viewing. I hope it stays on the air forever. Keep up the good work."

Sunday, November 28 at 01:40 AM:
John Parris from Thousand Oaks, CA wrote:
"This is a must see program for me. I watch a total of only 5 programs a week so Shortcuts represents 20% of my viewing. I hope it stays on the air forever. Keep up the good work."

Friday, November 26 at 12:37 PM:
Jane Elias from New York, New York wrote:
"I saw the first season of ShortCuts and thought it was just excellent. I am looking forward to the new season and hope that WNET/NY will wise up and air the show ASAP!"

Friday, November 26 at 07:50 AM:
virginia from france wrote:
"This film is a great one. I have seen it several times and each time I enjoy it more."

Tuesday, November 2 at 11:17 PM:
Isabelle from Sunnyvale, CA wrote:
"Bravo, "Shortcuts"! An avid film friek since my pre-teen years, I was completely delighted at my first viewing of "Shortcuts" (KQED broadcast, 11/1/99.) What with bonafide revival theatres as rare as ANY film worth the headspace these days, "Shortcuts" fills, feeds, and refreshes the otherwise arid cinematic landscape. As most hardcore film fans would readily agree, it is so often in independent and short-films that we find many of our most precious gems. A classic case of "too good to be true"(?), my excitement at having just seen "Shortcuts," however, was quickly dampened by the post-broadcast note on lack of funding for the series. For what it's worth, you have my wholehearted support for a job well done, and best of luck in garnering the generous financial support "Shortcuts" richly deserves! As most hardcore film fans would agree, "Shortcuts" fills a niche any t.v. station should be proud to support in the name of innovation, fun, and creativity. Who knows, "Shortcuts" may inspire the "next" Eisenstein, Godard, Bresson, Welles, Tarkovsky, Lynch, Hitchcock, Kurosawa, Kubrick, Bunuel, Lubitsch, Pasolini, Roeg, et al, as cinematic luminary of the next generation... ANY upstart with a camera and a swift kick will do! Kudos to you for all your efforts, and copious thanks for sharing YOUR love of film with the rest of us celluloid nuts! "

Tuesday, November 2 at 12:12 AM:
Brian from San Francisco wrote:
"Awesome show! I'm really glad someone is finally doing something like this. This is what I've been waiting for. Thanks again."

Monday, November 1 at 11:56 PM:
Mark Lindsey from San Mateo, CA, US wrote:
"Great show! I hope you keep this thing alive. Good luck! -Mark Lindsey Primary Elements www.PrimaryElements.com"

Sunday, October 24 at 09:08 PM:
derek walling from CT wrote:
"please include more information as to the details of the films. ie.... locations, dates, actors, etc... thank you! I love the show...."

Sunday, October 17 at 08:08 AM:
Bob Stein from Evanston, IL wrote:
"I caught the last part of the show on 10/15/1999 on WYCC, Channel 20 the City Colleges PBS station in Chicago (not listed on your Web site). First time I knew about the show. Excellent! Enjoyed the films "6.9" and "The Salesman" (I think that's the title, door-to-door salesman trying to sell motivational book, all 3 actors murder each other), as well as the lighthearted hosting and the interview with the director of the latter film. My calendar is now appropriately marked!"

Saturday, October 16 at 10:44 PM:
BradyMAN! from Caliemasa cal-if-or-ni-ay wrote:
"Love the show. I am a full time student slash/screenwriter/in need of sleep. The film's you show are great, but I'm cureious. Do you have any plans of makeing more episodes of S.C. soon. Im shure there have to be plenty more films to show, just as I'm sure I would enjoy watching them."

Thursday, October 7 at 06:17 PM:
Elder from Mount San Antonio College(#1 Baby!) wrote:
"Loved the show when it was on, but I haven't seen anything new recently. I'm a film-maker, and I really want to know what's going on in the indy industry. Good luck in the future!"

Thursday, October 7 at 06:16 PM:
Elder from Mount San Antonio College(#1 Baby!) wrote:
"Loved the show when it was on, but I haven't seen anything new recently. I'm a film-maker, and I really want to know what's going on in the indy industry. Good luck in the future!"

Thursday, October 7 at 06:16 PM:
Elder from Mount San Antonio College(#1 Baby!) wrote:
"Loved the show when it was on, but I haven't seen anything new recently. I'm a film-maker, and I really want to know what's going on in the indy industry. Good luck in the future!"

Sunday, October 3 at 04:57 PM:
Nancy from Colorado wrote:
"Did you do a piece entitled "The Elevator"? Can you refer me to a resource to find it? Thanks, Nancy"

Saturday, September 18 at 02:04 PM:
Jorge Luquin from Winnipeg MB Canada wrote:
"I'm indeoendent mexican film maker, who lives in Canada since four months ago, I have two short films that I would like two show in your show. Please let me know if it's possible. Thanks. Jorge Luquin Tel/fax: (204) 777 0229"

Sunday, August 29 at 10:15 PM:
Tim Swanson from swansonproductions@yahoo.com wrote:
"I ran across your show on my local PBS channel in Huntington Beach, CA. I was checking out the short "Four Minute Festival" when I quickly realized that the Sydney Film Festival being documented was the 1995 Festival that I attended! I was shocked to see the professor who taught my Australian Cinema courses and lots of other people I knew from the Festival featured in the film!! How can I get a copy of "Four Minute Festival"? It's in episode #4. Thank You So Much! Tim Swanson swansonproductions@yahoo.com"

Sunday, August 22 at 02:13 AM:
Moe from SF wrote:
"where can i get a copy of the episodes that i missed?"

Tuesday, August 17 at 12:14 PM:
Sean Galuszka from Los Angeles wrote:
"My short film was just accepted into the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival- the first festival I applied to. I'd love to send you a copy for consideration on your program. Please e-mail me at blackcreek13@yahoo.com"

Thursday, July 29 at 05:10 PM:
Doe from Grassroots Festival wrote:
"Ken- I'd like to email you, but I can't find your address. Contact me! Doe from grassroots fest dkosky@aol.com"

Sunday, July 25 at 10:53 PM:
Michael Esposito from Hackensack, New Jersey wrote:
"Love the show! It's increasingly rare to find the works of independent short-film makers on TV today, but please, PLEASE lose Punch & Judy, the two "hosts". They detract from the otherwise fine content."

Sunday, July 18 at 12:39 AM:
Jane Elias from Long Beach wrote:
"I like short films. Yes. When will the new season of programs begin? "

Monday, June 7 at 01:27 PM:
axel koenzen from berlin /germany wrote:
"hi! i am looking for laura benco's email-address. thanks+best regards, axel koenzen."

Tuesday, May 25 at 10:44 AM:
Rick Havok from Elmhurst, IL wrote:
"I watch the show on WYCC Ch.20 in the Chicago area. I like it because it reminds me of a previous show on another PBS station in the area. Or rather, what that previous show used to be capable of. That "other" show is WTTW's Image Union. "Union" is right, considering what a showcase in compelling-as-watching-paint-dry docu-boredom it's become. Which is why i'm glad WYCC picked up your show recently. Now _that_ is exactly what a indie short film program should be all about. Not variations of same-old status-quo material that somehow achieves funding-magnet status despite _no_ viewership from conscious entities. No documentaries about Joe Blow off the street. Or fiction worse than the USA Network sitcoms. All categories of film. Real innovation. Having said that, one advantage (the only one) that Image Union has over Shortcuts is a low-key approach to intro-ing/segueing into each film. No need for obnoxious personalities mugging and yukking it up. The function of your so-called hosts as program filler is painfully obvious and not nearly brief enough to tolerate. My remote zaps away from those 2 justlikethat. Summary: Keep up w/ the great variety of films and genres. Lose "Al and Peg Bundy." "

Saturday, May 22 at 04:59 PM:
Debbie Casmass from New York wrote:
"I caught your show on WLIW-NY(Channel 21) last Saturday & really enjoyed it. I didn't see it on tonight and was just wondering if it will be on next Saturday. Please let me know. DebC@usa.net"

Friday, April 30 at 05:07 PM:
David Shellenberger from Golden, CO wrote:
"I saw only a couple of episodes but I greatly enjoyed what I saw. I think this is a good show and would like to see some more episodes. Good luck!"

Thursday, April 8 at 10:33 AM:
charles evans from los angeles wrote:
"i really loved the episode of "The Waiting" It was my first time getting a glimpse at what women go through while their significant other is behind bars. could you plese tell me when this episode will air in my area again. "

Thursday, April 1 at 09:31 AM:
Kevin Rogers from Chicago Comedy Festival wrote:
" Chicago Comedy Festival, A huge show bus. industry showcase of comedy talent, for the people of chicago and the world, to be held May 13 - 16 1999. Is still accepting submissions for it's short comedy film program. Time is almost up. So please send your 16mm 35mm or video comedy shorts ( 5 - 25 mins.) to: Chicago Comedy Festival - Film P.O. Box 158 Barrington IL 60011 www.comedytown.com Thank you"

Sunday, March 28 at 06:36 PM:
Michelle McKenzie from Santa Cruz, CA wrote:
"I'm a 15 year old girl and I've had a passion to someday get into filmmaking, but I was never really exposed to the art of short films until I caught your show last night. I was very drawn into it, and may seriously consider making short films. I hope to see the program regularly. Thanks. PS- update this site please "

Sunday, March 28 at 04:39 PM:
Vision Entertainment from feedback@shortcuts.org wrote:
"Re: Lack of concern???!! Hey Lenny, I appreciate your support but you'll notice that the text on the main page & some of the airdates have been updated as of about a month ago. The update notice wasn't changed by mistake... you may also notice that our counter hasn't been working for over a month now. Updates & fixes have to be done by my web designer. Alterations can be pricy so updates don't occur as often as I may like. I just got the Quicktime video clip fixed last month and we are diligently working on a new season with a whole bunch of really great short films & hosts (we managed to secure some limited sponsorship for the second season). A major update will not occur until the season gets to post-production, which should be sometime in late June. In the meantime, the first season still continues to run in different cities around the country & I welcome & encourage people to please express their comments. Thanks again for watching... and for your concern- -Larry Russo "

Saturday, March 27 at 10:40 PM:
Lenny Warhol from Westminster Ca wrote:
"People wake up. the last time this site was updated was in augst of 98 I have been busy with My movie venture called "pepermints from Saturn" I am in negotiations for funding, BUT since there is no short cuts back on the air, and NO one is attending the site, WHERE is the vision??? I love the show WHEN IT WAS ON TV, well?!........where is everybody at?! I'm here!!!! I still support the show, I am not pleased with the "LACK" of concern reguarding this site! hell IF I had a movie site it be updated on a regular basis. NOW I know the indie spirit awards just happend and that 1999 is the year of the indie,. BUT wiht out a show case of the films, and a meduim of play, MARY! there is a great need, AUNITE EM COME BACK! XO L."

Friday, March 26 at 11:45 AM:
John Starace from Summer Shorts: Short Film Festival wrote:
"Looking forward to a new season of Shortcuts!! I need to contact Larry Russo. Please email me at shorty@summershorts.com. Our Shorts festival is currently accepting short film entries. Our website is www.summershorts.com Cheers!"

Tuesday, March 16 at 03:37 PM:
James Napoli from Los Angeles wrote:
"Love the spirit of the show and its presentation. From your show description, it seems the films are culled from scouting. Do you have any alternatives for filmmakers to submit to your program? I have a three-time award-winning short that has played a dozen fests and the IFFM '97. Any chance you could e-mail me with information on the potential of submitting? (jnaps@juno.com) If you want more info on my film, my website address is: www.homestead.com/filming movies. Thank you, and continued success with the show in any case!"

Monday, March 15 at 10:20 PM:
Hannah Han from New York City wrote:
"Hi my name is Hannah Han and I would love to petition for Short Cuts to come to our station Channel 13. I love short films, in fact I'm producing a unique short films venue in East Village, NYC. I would love my audience to participate in petitioning shows like this on television. Please contact me at the following email: Bronxmope@msn.com and also if anybody would like to showcase their film you can also email me too. I look forward hearing from you soon. Thank You. Hannah"

Monday, March 15 at 03:05 AM:
elisha from nihilist film fest wrote:
"The organizers of the first Nihilist Film Festival announced Monday that they are looking for entries. This festival is part of Nihilism Expo, a Worldís Fair for Nihilists this November in Los Angeles. Festival director, media artist Elisha Shapiro, explained, ìWeíre looking for those films and tapes that are too socially unacceptable for any other festival to touch. You know...sick, twisted, fun.î Shapiro is known for organizing the 1984 Nihilist Olympics, and for running for President in 1988 and for LA County Sheriff in 1992 as the Nihilist Party candidate. He also hosts a monthly cable tv show in Los Angeles. Now he plans If you have a film or video tape you want to enter in the Nihilist Film Festival, send a VHS copy to the Nihilist Film Festival, Box 36422, Los Angeles, CA 90036. Include a self-addressed-stamped envelop if you want your tape returned. The deadline is August 15. If you have questions, you can email Nihilist01@aol.com or visit the Nihilistsí Corner web page at http://members.aol.com/nihilist01. There are no prizes. "

Tuesday, March 2 at 12:42 PM:
Katarina Budimir from Chicago wrote:
"I really enjoyed the short film by Ostojic. If there is any way to air that episode again, then please do so. I would like to see some more of Ostojic's work. "

Sunday, February 28 at 06:00 PM:
terry ruhs from indiana wrote:
" really enjoyed episode three. can you give me any idea where to purchase the french film 13 Figures of Sarah ? thank you so much for your help. trr burncycl@pla-net.net "

Sunday, February 28 at 05:50 PM:
Steve Leeper from Oak Park, Ill tsleep@worldnet.att.net wrote:
"Hey, how did you get my film "Please Don't Feed the Animals". I'm flattered and a little confused. I thought my film had been out of circulation for some time now. Either way, I wish you luck. Venues like this for short films are few and far between!"

Sunday, February 28 at 02:13 AM:
shortcuts from Enzedred @ AOl wrote:
"dateline--2/27/99--KQED---SF great show wonderful The debt------great camera work I hope Shortcuts will be on again soon"

Saturday, February 27 at 09:16 PM:
Gina from Chicago wrote:
"Great show. I hope you keep running it ."

Thursday, February 25 at 06:48 PM:
terry ruhs from chicago il wrote:
"how can i purchase a video of one of the episodes? burncycl@pla-net.net thanks!"

Thursday, February 25 at 02:00 PM:
George from Park Forest, Illinois wrote:
"I saw you show for the first time last night. Way Cool! I'm working on two shorts as we speak. Dracula 2000 and Witch Hunt III..the first two were just for fun. Maybe someday I'll be featured on your show. PAX"

Sunday, February 7 at 03:52 PM:
JeVus Cruz from Newark , CA wrote:
"I really enjoyed your show . I saw it for the first time last night . I loved your first show w/ The Waiters and Double Jeu..... After watching those two films I'm definetaly watching your show everytime it comes on. I myself am an aspiring Filmmaker and your show has greatly influnced me. I hope one day to see my work in your show ! Well guys... Keep up the good work ."

Sunday, February 7 at 12:35 PM:
mike roberts from salinas ca wrote:
"Last night I sawa short called Double Jeu by emmanuel Joberg produced in 1996. I was taken by his skill and artiistic vision as well as his commentary afterward regarding media violence and its spillover into real life. I am part of a group working toward media literacy in our community and our society in general and really applaud your choice to include this work on your program. In a simply personal (or avocational) vein I would like to find out how to get a copy of your program to show to my organization and to other groups which we work with in promoting media literacy. You can reach me at 831.424.2829 or... 202 riker terrace salinas ca 93901 0r... sandbox202 @aol.com Iwill keep watching although the 1:00 am showing is very dificult. That's why they invented VCR's right? Sincerely, Mike Roberts"

Monday, January 18 at 11:24 PM:
Daniel E. Springen from Orlando wrote:
"I have an award winning film that I would like your staff to see. Its called The Reel, and the running time is 10min 48sec. B/W naritive. CINE Eagle Award Winner MPSE Award Nomination Please contact filmz4all@aol.com for info."

Monday, January 18 at 10:50 AM:
Barbara VanHanken from Tulsa, OK wrote:
"I have not seen this program because it is not aired in my home area. I think this is a great idea--Much Needed! I hope you will continue to expand this program into OK. I am the director of the Crested Butte Reel Fest short film festival in Colorado. I would like to know how to submit our winning entries in Animation, Comedy, Drama, Documentary, Experimental and Student categories to your program? Our festival is August 12-15, 1999. My email is BVanHanken@compuserve.com. Thanks."

Saturday, January 16 at 10:59 PM:
Sascha Knopf from u know! wrote:
"Great job Larry! The site is cool--can't wait to peruse it even more!!!!!"

Thursday, January 7 at 07:59 PM:
Lenny Warhol from Westminister CA wrote:
"MARY, aren't you guys comming BACK on TV?! I still dont see any listing even with CH 50 SO when can we expect to see future episodes or NEW or old episodes?! or episodes of As the World Flirts?! I would like to see PBS wiht it's line of BS "if pbs doent do it who will?! WELL SO FAR, they sure aint done it at all! and they expect ME to fund re-peats of 3fat itallians and old blue eyes for the 645th time?! GUESS AGAIN! I want to see short cuts on my TV screen ASAP! you're neede!"

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