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Bob & Melinda at work Shortcuts™ is a Vision Entertainment Inc. production, produced by Larry Russo, who also selected the films in the program. Russo scouted the film festivals of Toronto, Sundance and Clemont-Ferrand, the Independent Feature Project Market and the Asbury Short Film Festival for works to feature in the series. This "best of the festivals" collection comprises award winning comedies, dramas and documentaries. The quirky format of the show includes enlightening interviews with the film makers and often humorous introductions to the show by hosts, producer/director Bob Gosse and actress Melinda Wade.

About the Producer

Larry Russo graduated from New York University's Film & Business Schools in 1986. He worked at Aaron Russo Entertainment (Producer of Trading Places, The Rose & Teachers) until 1990 and New Line Cinema Distribution until 1991 when he met Bob Gosse and Larry Meistrich. The three of them, along with other filmmakers, founded the original Shooting Gallery in downtown New York. While at the Shooting Gallery, Larry produced the forerunner of "Shortcuts™", called "shortTV", also featuring a collection of short films and their directors. In 1994 Mr. Russo left the Shooting Gallery and, along with other projects, worked to bring Shortcuts™ to fruition. During this time he also served as a program supervisor at the Asbury Short Film Festival, as a panelist at the Toronto Short Film Festival and on the selection committee of the Shorts International Film festival that recently took place at the Sony Lincoln Center theatres. Mr. Russo is currently in production of the documentary "Ladino Looking Glass" which deals with the vanishing culture of the sephardic communities of Greece, Yugoslavia & Turkey.

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