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Episode OneEpisode 1: The first show! Many more to follow grab hold and meet the hosts and get a taste with two excellent short films.
Episode TwoEpisode 2: Back for more huh? Well we won't disappoint with a rumbling comedy and brush with stardom.
Episode ThreeEpisode 3: Three is a charm and so is this episode with some waiting around followed up with some light stretching...
Episode FourEpisode 4: In the trenches of the short film industry where we take you into the Sidney (Australia) film festival at high speed and examine a biological clock.
Episode FiveEpisode 5: Hitting the home stretch shortcuts brings real life into your world and rounds out with a beautiful finish to sooth your senses.
Episode SixEpisode 6: The final frontier. Our last show in the series. But don't fret. Watch a dark comedy, and amazing animation called "Please Don't feed the Animals".

Remember, if you enjoyed watching these episodes then contact your local PBS station and ask for more shortcuts. Your requests will spread short films (and our show) to a greater audience.

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