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Short films have hit the web in a big way. Explore the following links to find out more about Short Films. Other sites of interest:   

Shortcuts IndieWire Article  
An e-zine focusing on independant film, music and television, indieWIRE interviews Shortcuts producer Larry Russo. Find out more about the producer and how the show got its start.
Shorts International Film Festival  
The Shorts International Film Festival, was developed to create a platform solely dedicated to the art of the short film. Shorts International Film Festival Inc., is a non-profit organization that will promote short films, act as a liaison between the filmmaker and industry insiders and provide a forum through which a variety of venues will be created. 
Clemont Ferrand Short Film Festival  
Based in France, Clemont Ferrand runs the last week in January each year and focuses on the exciting Short Film industry. WIth over 1400 professionals and a 117,000 audience in 1997, this short film festival is one to tune in to.
Toronto International Film Festival  
The Toronto International Film Festival has a reputation for showcasing the hottest new films and cutting edge directors each year. Many of the most acclaimed young directors in the industry today were launched right here in Toronto: Hal Hartley, Jean-Jacques Beineix, Michael Moore, and John Woo to name only a few. And some of the most celebrated films of the past decade were discovered at the Toronto Film Festival: DIVA, BLOOD SIMPLE, PRIEST, CRUMB, HOOP DREAMS, WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE. 
The Shooting Gallery  

The world of short films is always changing and expanding. After exploring these sites don't forget to venture back and see the new crop of films being showcased here on Shortcuts. Keep your computer tuned right here for the best of the best in the short film world. 

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