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Welcome to the very first episode of Shortcuts! You get to meet The Hosts Bob and Melinda and get your first short film taste in the form of an interesting vignette film called The Waiters by Ken Webb. Bob and Melinda pause to explain what a Dolly Grip does on a film set then send us diving right back in with the french film Double Jeu by Emmanuel Oberg.

"The Waiters" Directed by Ken Webb.
This classic crowd pleasing comedy explores the dynamic of what it's like to wait. It incorporates a series of different people waiting in different situations and the poingant lunacy that goes along with how many of us spend much of our time in life. It a big crowd pleaser and is the standby hit at the Asbury short film festival.

Awards & Recoginition
  • Columbus International Film Festival - 1st
  • Suffolk County Film Festival - 1st
  • NYU Mobil Award

French import "Double Jeu" Directed by Emmanuel Oberg.
This French fantasy/action film makes use of computer animation in presenting the dangers of video game addiction. The film makes impressive use of 3d computer graphics to bring the audience into a world where shooting the bad guys is more than just playing a game. Most recently this film won the award for best short at the New York/Avignon film festival.

Awards & Recoginition
  • Best Short Film - 1997 Avignon Film Festival

Episode 2 is right around the corner.

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